Verónica Mar is an artist and designer from Granada, Spain, that focus her work in translating the nature into art.

She seeks to represent the essence of nature and the human being in her works, with a minimum material presence.

Her artwork has been chosen to be exhibited at important design galleries worldwide, such as Rossana Orlandi (Milan), Les Ateliers Courbet (NY & Miami), Mint (London), and remarkable museums like The Wolfsonian Museum (Miami).

Her artworks have won several awards. This is the case of the S Sculpture bench and the Autumn Leaf swing.

Her powerful ideas and creativity of Verónica have been chosen by important firms such as Porcelanosa, Tribú, LAB23, Groël and many more.

Some of her most succesful works can be seen scrolling down the page.



One of the most iconic works of Verónica Mar (so far) is the Ginkgo Chandelier. The Ginkgo biloba is regarded as sacred in Japan and it is the longest living tree on the planet. In autumn its green leaves turn golden yellow, and it is this color that inspired Verónica Mar to create the Ginkgo Chandelier.

The Ginkgo Chandelier is handcrafted in cast brass, employing the “lost wax” process, a method often used in jewelry making. The finer stems of the lamp are cast using actual branches from the tree and five different leaf molds are made for the leaves to be cast in brass. Once they are cleaned after the casting process, the branches and leaves are assembled one by one, thus creating a unique piece each time.



The S Sculpture Bench was one of the first pieces designed and created by Verónica Mar. Inspired by the spiral movement that can be observed in the infinite elements. This shape symbolizes the constant movement and regeneration. The work was awarded with the 1st Prize at the “International Design Contest of Urban Furniture” in London, England, 2011.


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